SilvermanALS Therapy

Professor Richard Silverman (Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences), the world-renowned chemist who developed the pharmaceutical now marketed as Lyrica, and Assistant Professor Hande Ozdinler (Feinberg School of Medicine), an expert on upper motor neuron biology, now stand behind the University’s latest potential game-changing ALS innovation. The promising early effort combines Ozdinler’s novel approach for visualizing motor neurons in the brain with Silverman’s compounds designed for the inhibition of protein aggregation (PC12 cells), one of the hallmarks of ALS. More recently, the compounds have been shown to stabilize corticospinal motor neurons, the degeneration of which causes ALS.

Milestones to be achieved within the next 12 months:

  1. Compound Synthesis
  2. Animal Studies
  3. PK Studies
  4. Venture Formation
  5. Intellectual Property Licensing